Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing the BABYMOMMA! ME!

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!
My name is Teena and I am a 25yo female from Southeastern Pa! I currently live with my BABYSDADDY, our 8mth old daughter, 3yo son, and his 10yo daughter. We also have a dog, a cat, and 2 snakes. I'll get to the living situation shortly... anyways I am a full time Addiction Specialist at an adolescent residential rehab. I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and I'm currently pursuing a BS in Juvenile Justice. Ok ok ok ok that's enough about me (you'll learn more as I go along).

BABYSDADDY... where do I begin??? Well Darrell is a 30yo Chef for a popular downtown restaurant. We have been together for 5yrs and this is our second place together (we had to upgrade from our 2bdrm apt to a 3bdrm home after we found out we were preggo wit Babygirl). Anyway in the past we have talked about marriage and he says stuff like, "For what?, We're just fine?, Everybody knows how I feel about you.(His cousin introduced me as "Darrell's BABYMOMMA")," and this is the humdinger... "I just don't want to get married!"

Well Ladies and Gents I want to get married... bad! I understand I gave him everything he would get throughout marriage (the "goods", a house, kids, etc) but why won't he make it official??? Make an honest women out of me! This is really becoming a problem in my household because last week I decided if he had no intentions of marrying me I would start looking for my future husband which means... we are through! Yep I'm through with playing BABYMOMMA (we still live in the same house though... just haven't said much to each other since last Thusday)! I know I may sound crazy but somethings I didn't mention about myself is that I know what I want out of life and I'm determined to get it. Til next time... 

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